Subtitles Blood & Oil S01E01 – Pilot

BLOOD, SWEAT & TOOLS is a lively new competition series that features five of Canada’s worst home renovating couples as they compete for a $50,000 cash prize! But this is not your everyday Handyman show: our Mr. and Mrs. Fix-It Wannabes test their skills – and each other – to breaking point. If you’ve ever engaged in a DIY project with a partner, you’ll appreciate the hilarity – and even hostility! – that ensues. Set in iconic cottage country in Northern Ontario, these hapless handyman duos are each given their own dilapidated cottages in which they perform all manner of home renovation challenges. From installing toilets and outdoor showers, to building gazebos and repairing roofs, they must make perform these DIY tasks in record time and do them right. Our couples compete under the watchful eye of our three experts: Rob Koci, publisher and editor-in-chief of Canadian Contractor magazine; Helder Brum, comedian and carpenter; and Hillary Manion, power tool expert. They will guide our teams through each project, coaching them on everything from the merits of using a measuring tape to proper tool use. Over eight episodes, the five couples will battle it out to become ‘the most improved’. While the season-ending $50,000 Grand Prize is the ultimate goal, every episode will result in a tongue-in-cheek prize awarded to the best duo the week.Fasten your tool belts for a hilarious journey into home repair like you’ve never seen it before!

Season 01, Episode 01 – “Let There Be Tools!”
In this series opener of BLOOD, SWEAT AND TOOLS viewers meet the five hapless handyman duos from across Canada who will compete for the $50,000 grand prize! One of them will be declared “Most Improved” at the end of nine weeks, when viewers weigh in with an interactive vote in the Grand Finale. These couples have been handpicked for their lack of workmanship, planning and teamwork abilities so they have nowhere to go but up! Viewers also meet the crack team of experts who will guide them: Rob Koci, the publisher and editor-in-chief of Canadian Contractor magazine; Helder Brum, a carpenter and comedian; and Hillary Manion, a power tool specialist. In this episode, the teams will face three challenges: Challenge One is to build a worktable to exact specifications; Challenge Two is to construct a fire pit and swinging bench(this is cottage country after all!); and Challenge Three is to install a toilet. And yes, there will be a flush test! The winner of this episode is given a special prize, and their photo is placed on the infamous Wall of Just Okay. The battle is on!