Subtitles Food Unwrapped S07E03 – Bananas, Plant Meat, Crisps

Jimmy visits Ecuador, the largest banana exporter in the world, to investigate remarkable claims that the banana could one day be used in the fight against a number of viruses including HIV and influenza. Kate goes in search of the food industry’s Holy Grail: a meat substitute that actually tastes of meat. Scientists in the Netherlands have developed a product called ‘plant meat’, but does it taste like the real thing? Can these vegetarian steaks, chicken pieces and sausage rolls fool the taste buds of three meat-loving barbecue chefs? What are those green bits you find on some crisps, and are they safe to eat? To find out, Matt visits one of Britain’s largest crisp manufacturers, where he sees the high-tech machinery employed to weed out the green ones before they hit our crisp packets.