Subtitles Mr Selfridge S04E03 – Episode 3

Despite his loss, Harry is pretending that it’s business as usual. His spirited daughter Violette has returned from life in Paris, and together with Rosaline they implore Harry to stop burying his head in the sand – but Harry is happy to be distracted, particularly by new belle Rosie Dolly.

Meanwhile, Jimmy saves an ailing theatre from bankruptcy by creating an innovative business model – a lucrative shareholding Trust – and HARRY is enamoured. It isn’t long before they start working on a similar model for Selfridge’s Provincial Stores – The Selfridge Trust. Cautious Gordon is aghast when Harry shakes on the risky deal to make masses of extra cash for the Selfridge Group as a whole.

Grove teases Meryl about being relegated to the stockroom, but he’s soon red-faced himself when he stumbles down the stairs at home. As Grove’s discomfort grows, Crabb intervenes and Grove is forced to rest at home. Spending quality time with his family, GROVE seriously considers retirement – and even buys the family their very first motorcar! But it isn’t long before Grove is forced to re-think his plans for a leisurely retirement.

Cosmetics icon and business giant Elizabeth Arden is opening an historic concession in Selfridge’s, and Kitty is nervous to meet her role model. Kitty is inspired by Elizabeth Arden’s fearless approach to business and her outstanding accomplishments. However, it isn’t long before Kitty gets a thought-provoking glimpse into the dark side of her success. When Elizabeth Arden makes Kitty an unexpected proposition, she is left with a tricky dilemma.

The Selfridge Trust is launched with typical Selfridge fanfare and celebration. But Selfridge Family tensions simmer when Rosie Dolly and Violette have a run-in: Violette is appalled by her father’s choice of ‘female company’ – and also by the way Harry has sidelined Gordon in favour of Jimmy. Announcing that she will return to Paris, Gordon berates Harry for driving Violette away and effectively pulling the family apart. The financial stakes are high for The Selfridge Trust: if all goes to plan they’ll be as richer than ever, but if it goes wrong – they could lose everything.