Subtitles Murder S01E01 – The Third Voice

Drama series. Each film picks apart a murder in all its terrible complexity, hearing the story from every angle and casting the viewer as a jury member to decide on guilt and innocence.

Season 1, Episode 1 – “The Third Voice”
After Rafe Carey’s body is washed up along the River Tweed, it looks like he’s drowned in a tragic accident. He and his brother-in-law Leo Durridge were swept away after the section of riverbank they were fishing on collapsed. Leo managed to survive and is in hospital with cuts and bruises but Rafe wasn’t as lucky. Detective Corinne Evans investigates and finds out that the cause of Rafe’s death isn’t drowning at all as he’s been stabbed through the heart making Leo the prime suspect. Leo insists that he and Rafe were the only ones by the river on that day, but a witness claims that he heard three voices, and forensic examination of the scene finds three sets of footprints.