Subtitles The Real Marigold Hotel S01E03 – Part 3

Season 1, Episode 3
The group take part in laughing yoga, with hilarious results. Then go in search of a cultural fix, finding it in the heart of Jaipur’s largest slum which has been home to acrobats, magicians and puppeteers for centuries.They visit Varanasi, a hugely popular destination and one of the holiest Hindu cities in India. Hindus visit to be purified by the waters of the Ganges and to cremate their dead in the hope they have the best chance of reaching nirvana.Settling into local life, they attend Ganesh Chaturti festival, one of the highlights of the Hindu calendar and a riot of colour and noise, packed with people, floats and elephants.Bobby and Jan lead the group in a hunt for property. Bobby is keen to find somewhere to buy, while Jan falls in love with the idea of renting an apartment in a haveli amongst a local family.With one week left of their Indian adventure, what conclusions will they reach about the realities of retiring to the other side of the world?