Subtitles Reggie Yates’ Extreme UK – S01E01 – Gay and Under Attack

The marvellous Reggie Yates returns with a companion series to his Extreme Russia documentaries, this time turning his incisive gaze on the UK. In this first episode, he looks in particular at being gay in black and Asian communities – as he puts it, being a minority within a minority. Of course, homophobia isn’t unique to – or endemic in – either group, but it is clear that for both communities, religious and cultural objections to same-sex relationships run deep. Though Yates doesn’t encounter the same fierce homophobia he did in Russia, he still hears homophobic views, albeit more civilly expressed. But heart can be taken from the range of opinions he gathers: yes, there’s an imam who describes homosexuality as “unnatural”, but there’s also Wahid, a bisexual Muslim who is wonderfully insouciant about his sexuality: “I don’t care any more! I’m over 60!”

Season 1, Episode 1 – “Gay & Under Attack”
The first of three programmes exploring the extremes of modern British masculinity. Reggie Yates is shocked to discover that some of the harshest critics – and persecutors – of young black and Asian gays and transsexuals often come from their own communities, or even their own families. He hears about Muslims threatened with exorcism, and West African Christian parents ostracising their own children, and also investigates why so few men of colour are visible at events like Gay Pride, given the cultural isolation they already face.