Subtitles Siblings S02E04 – Gregg and Lily

Hannah and Dan’s irascible father Gregg has organised a birthday party for himself, which Hannah finds suspiciously out of character. When Gregg announces that he is getting married to human rights lawyer Beverley, Hannah is upset that he hasn’t discussed it with her. When Gregg explains that Hannah has ruined all his other relationships, Hannah decides to prove her dad wrong and ingratiate herself with Beverley and her daughter Lily. However, she gets distracted by Lily’s teacher. Dan spends a week working alongside his property developer father in a bid to get a permanent job. He’s not great on the building site, but a lucky encounter with some first-time buyers means Gregg is more inclined to trust Dan than he might have been before. However, when Dan meets Gregg’s business associate Mr Yakamoto, things quickly go awry.