Subtitles Transformers: Robots in Disguise (US) S02E13 – Decepticon Island (2)

Season 02, Episode 13 – “Decepticon Island, Pt. 1”
As Steeljaw seizes command of Decepticon Island, the Autobots first encounter old friend RATCHET, then a Mini-Con named TINKER, a runaway from the community of fugitives, who reveals the Island is really the largest remaining portion of the crashed Alchemor, forgotten by damaged Fixit. With conflict over the leadership of the Autobot team simmering between Bumblebee and Optimus, the heroes sneak onto the Island with a Stasis Bomb for rendering all the Decepticons unconscious so they can be re-imprisoned. Unfortunately, Bumblebee and his companions are discovered, surrounded, and confronted by Steeljaw, wielding the immense power of two Decepticon Hunters, controlling the population of the Island, and eager for revenge against his old enemies!